Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall is Football Season!

With football season under way it is a great time to spruce up your game room. Green contact paper and white striping makes this project fun and easy. Stick on numbers can be purchased at any local hardware or craft store. To purchase paper or striping please contact us at 816-795-1061.

Monday, March 19, 2007

No Such Thing as Free Money?

I am as big of a skeptic as the next person so when I heard about Bigcrumbs.com FREE money program I thought- Sure what is the catch? After some researching and questioning I decided to sign up- afterall it was FREE.

Bigcrumbs.com is a referral program that actually pays you for shopping along with anyone who has signed up under you. There are great places to shop- everyday online places that normal everyday people buy from such as Office Depot, Macys, Petsmart, Ebay, Circuit City, Kohl's, Sears, Target etc. The percent you receive varies with the store you buy from.

Still skeptical, I watched for a few weeks as my account dollars grew. I was buying, the people under me were buying and the money continued to accumulate.

To my surprise, I awoke one day to an email saying "Today is payday! Your money has been deposited into your Paypal account. " (You do have to have a Paypal account to receive your money).

That was it! I checked my Paypal account and there is was- MY FREE MONEY! There were no catches, no gimmicks, no fine print, no scams. Bigcrumbs.com was everything it said it was. In this day and age it is hard to believe! I feel very comfortable promoting them because they did EXACTLY what they said they would do- give me the money my account earned.

I am not talking HUGE amounts of money or that you will get rich from this but it really is free money. Among my friends, the largest monthly amount that I have heard one of them get was $131.11, another one received $54.00 last month. Not too bad considering all you had to do was sign up and then tell a friend or two about it. I am still surprised when I wake up one morning a month to my free "pay check".

If you are interested in reading more about Bigcrumbs or signing up, please feel free to sign up under our account-

Or visit Bigcrumbs.com and enter " showmetheheartland " as your referrer.

PS- We signed up as CrumbEarners to reap a higher benefit from everyone elses shopping!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

The snow has melted, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. What does all of this mean? Spring is finally here! It is time to refresh, revamp and revitalize your home and start anew.

Spring cleaning is quite a chore but the outcome will always leave you with a sense of accomplishment. We have gathered a few tips to help with your spring cleaning chores. Organization is the key-

Click here to print our Spring Cleaning Planner

And while you are cleaning be sure to add a new splash of color to your rooms with our variety of contact paper patterns. They are the perfect finishing touch to your freshly cleaned cabinets, shelves and drawers!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Elegant Entertaining

Elegant entertaining doesn't have to be expensive when contact paper is used. Your table will look like a million dollars without breaking the bank. With many patterns available it is easy to choose a style to beautifully compliment your dishes and serving pieces.

A simple box or second hand serving tray makes a nice table centerpiece when coordinated with matching napkin rings, place cards and placemats. For a shabby chic look try using an old picture frame for a serving tray with mismatched dishes that are all the rage! Small gift boxes can be covered and filled with mints, nuts or even flowers and placed at each setting for a nice gift for guests.

Whatever your style, elegant, shabby or simply fun and carefree- take time to look around your home for items that can be recovered and used for a new purpose. It is OK to recycle and no one will know the difference!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Personalized Office Storage and Desk Sets

When you can't find the perfect storage system or desk set to match your decor- make your own!

With many specialty contact paper selections such as faux leather and suede, it is easy to get a one of a kind designer look for your office.

Cardboard or cereal boxes can used for catalog, magazine and file storage. Shoeboxes can be filled with photos or index cards. Small stacked gift boxes can hold tacks, paperclips and staples. Inexpensive journals and notebooks can also be covered to achive a high- end look. (We used faux black leather paper for ours!)

Another fun way to customize your items are with scrapbooking accessories such as nameplates, brads, tacks, labels and other baubles.

Have fun with your creations and be sure to check back for more great ideas at-


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Window Treatments without Blinds or Drapes

Need some privacy without the hassle of blinds or drapes? Window film is an attractive solution. It does an excellent job of providing the right amount of privacy while still letting in natural light.

Unlike cling film, our adhesive film will stay permanently attached until removed. Cling films do have a tendency to curl and become loose with changes in weather such as heat and cold. Recently Patricia in Lexington, NC gaves us excellent feedback while ordering our product. Patricia told us " I am ordering to replace your Magic Cover film I put up 25 years ago!" That is a great testament to it's lasting durability.

Not only does the film work well for windows, it can also be used in other areas. Shower doors, glass cabinet doors, curios and mirrors are just a few. It installs easily in just minutes and can be customized to fit your needs. Designs can be achived by simply cutting patterns with a razor or exacto knife.

Window film comes in many patterns such as frosted, etched and stained glass to match any decor. All of our film patterns can be found at -

Friday, January 12, 2007

Non Adhesive Liners As An Alternative

Non adhesive liners provide a great alternative for people who want the flexibility to easily reposition their decorative covering or those who don't wish to apply adhesive to certain surfaces.

We carry 2 different types of non adhesive liners- Grip it rubber liner and non-adhesive No Bugs shelf liner.

Grip-It rubber liner is a soft, washable, non-skid material that's as appealing as it is functional. It is useful both inside and outside the home. It's breathable rubber properties makes it a perfect covering for damp areas such as basements, boats, bathrooms, refrigerators, coolers, laundry rooms and under sinks.

It works well as a toolbox liner and in garages for it's sound reducing qualities and non-slip properties. Vehicles and RV's also benefit from the textured liner which eliminates rolling and shifting during movement. It is easily handwashable making it a good choice for areas that regularly collect dust and dirt such as greenhouses.

Grip It comes in a wide variety of colors, widths and thicknesses. It is an easy and economical covering from home to professional applications. As with any rubber products, Grip It should not be used on urethane or lacquered surfaces as damage to the finish will occur.

M'LadyNo Bugs paper is a safe, odorless insecticidal drawer and shelf liner. It is treated to kill ants, roaches and silverfish.

It's a clean non-intrusive pest control solution. Not only can it be used for drawers and cabinets but it can also be used around storage and garbage areas. It can be put under sinks, broom closets and other secluded areas where insects may congregate. Because it has a non-adhesive backing it also works well in basements and other damp areas.

No Bugs paper comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors that accentuate your home.